About John Cain

About John Cain

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Making people laugh since 1981

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Hello, my name is John Cain. I love to make videos. It’s my biggest hobby. Other than that, I just love living life to the fullest. I’m up for anything, anytime. One of the best things in life is connecting with someone. Maybe in a deep conversation about life, or laughing about something completely ridiculous. I love music! It doesn’t matter what kind of day you are having if you listen to music it always makes it better! I am very out going and fun to be around for sure. If you want to know more about me, just ask in the comments below or send me an email John@JohnCain.TV

  1. thanks for changing the world with the ‘fuck her right in the pussy’ phrase, bringing nice moments and fun clips (also compilations) with it. all those world-stars never have an official account on youtube or facebook.. in some cases, Twitter only. you dude rock

  2. Fred’s real first name?

  3. A FHRITP porn would be fitting!

  4. Fan from Finland

    John, what you have done is probably the awesomest thing that happened in 2014. The amount of fun you’ve given to the world is insane. I now check every day for new FHRITP videos😀 I would love to do it myself, but to do it in my position publicly may not be a great idea🙂


  6. Did u rly fuck in the restaurant on the table?😀

  7. was it very profitable in the end?

  8. Bro you have my respect….fuck right her right in the pussy

  9. You totally need to upload yourself to X-Tube or Xhamster


  11. how did you get fired?

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