Fuck her right in the pussy

I was helping a friend move some things in his garage when an idea hit me for a new video. I saw on the news that morning about a missing 20 year old woman who had been missing for a few weeks was found safe and sound at a casino in Nevada. The news of her being found was still new so I decided to make a video where I would act like a reporter that didn’t know he was on LIVE TV and say things about the missing girl lol. I called the video “Reporter fired for remarks he said about missing women”. That’s because I said ” I don’t care if she’s 20, hell I’d fuck her. You can’t say you wouldn’t fuck her. Maybe that’s what I’ll do when they find her. I’ll go and fuck her. Fuck her right in her pussy”. The video then switches to a shocked fox news anchor that I found on youtube. This video went viral within a few hours.

I saw on BUZZFEED (a so called news site) where they said that they tried to contact me to see why I made the video but I did not respond. I want to set the record strait right now. THEY DID NOT CONTACT ME. If they would have, I would have responded.

For the record: Yes, I would fuck Jena Chisholm (the missing woman). This was asked thousands of times.

Here is the VIDEO: Reporter fired for remarks about missing woman on LIVE TV

Where did the fuck her right in the pussy come from? right here! The phrase “fuck her right in the pussy” came from John Cain at http://johncain.tv


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