Covered in Jello

Last night, I was laying in bed and saw that someone shared a link to a news story about a guy having sex with a cow while his friend video taped him. I decided to make the already funny story even funnier by adding in a few things like the man having sex with the cow was naked and covered in jello, caught in the act by the news reporter, and the cow ran out on to the road and was hit by three cars. I already had raw video of a cow hit by 3 cars from when I did the news for GCVideoNEWS so I decided to use that. When I woke up, the first thing I did was drink some coffee while I thought about how I was going to make this happen. I grabbed my camera and went outside by the barn. It was freezing so I wanted to hurry up and record me acting like the reporter. 25 Minutes later, (because I kept messing up my lines) I went inside to edit but there was a problem. I just spent 25 minutes recording myself out in the cold with the mic TURNED OFF!! I was so pissed lol. So, I went out again to film but in the middle of me talking the battery died on the camera! I put the camera on the charger and waited about an hour. I went back outside for the third time and said if anything goes wrong this time, I’m not doing this video lol. Everything worked this time and I was able to make the video. This story is kind of new so I figure this will go viral because it is just too damn funny not to.

Here is the cow fucking video that you will soon see everywhere

The craziest news story EVER!

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