Smoking bed bugs to get HIGH

Today, I’m going to make a video that will most likely spread across the internet about bed bugs. I was sitting down watching the NEWS and they were talking about a hotel that was infested with bed bugs and it hit me. I was like “THAT’S IT”!
I decided to make a video about a new drug that teens are doing called bedbug lol. My imagination is a little out there but that is to my advantage. Before I started on the video, I Googled smoking bed bugs and found nothing about it at all and was thinking that it’s going to be really cool to be the first EVER to even come up with something like this. I spent about 2 hours looking for different videos, editing, and acting like a reporter to make this 1.24 long happen.

Well, here it is. The new drug that teens are doing LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the link: Smoking Bed Bugs to get HIGH

* Check out all of these twitter post about people smoking bed bugs Click Here

* Shane Watson, the guy that was interviewed on ABC15 has made a video explaining that he is not hooked on bed bugs or dabbing. Click here to watch

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